Luigi Fagioli

Name: Luigi Fagioli

Nationality: Italy

Date of birth: June 9, 1898 - Osimo, nr Ancona

Date of death: June 20, 1952 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

From a working class background, Fagioli worked his way into the Mercedes Grand Prix team during the early 1930s, switching to Auto Union in 1937. Undeniably talented, Fagioli was also very moody and not averse to throwing tire hammers around in the pits at anybody who irked him. This volatile personality joined the Alfa Romeo team in the immediate postwar era, including the first two seasons of the official World Championship in 1950-51. He crashed his Lancia in practice for the 1952 Monaco sports car Grand Prix, breaking a leg, and died of complications resulting from the injury just over three weeks later.

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